Unbeatable Value in Group Medicare Advantage

The Fenyx Health Group MSA benefits both groups and beneficiaries.

Wondering If It’s The Right Plan For You?

MSA plans are an increasingly popular option as they are the only plan type that gives members money and can flex to their own needs. When considering the Fenyx Health Group MSA, or any health insurance plan, we suggest thinking through these questions:

1) What kind of health care services have you used in recent years?

Your health in recent years may be a predictor of your health in future years.

Think about services you’ve used like professional (e.g., doctor office visits), outpatient (e.g., outpatient surgery or imaging, etc.), inpatient (e.g., hospital stays), emergent, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, imaging (e.g., x-rays, CT scans, MRI, etc.) and laboratory.

2) How much did you pay toward those services? How much did insurance pay?

It’s smart to know how much your health care costs you, whether it’s coming out of your pocket or the health plan is paying.

3) What kind of health care services do you anticipate needing in upcoming years?

Got a knee replacement on the horizon? Or maybe you know a heart stent is in your future. Or maybe your doctor has spoken to you about a new class of drugs to manage your health condition.

Sometimes we have knowledge about where our health might be heading.

4) What assets can cover your out-of-pocket costs?

Almost every type of insurance, health or otherwise, requires some out-of-pocket funds. It’s important to think about how you’ll pay for costs, both plan-covered and those not covered by your plan.

The MSA’s deposit is intended to be applied to your plan deductible. If you might use your MSA funds for non-plan-covered services, remember you’ll need more out-of-pocket funds to reach the deductible.

You can always speak with us, without obligation, if you have any questions.