All 50 States Plus D.C.

Nationwide access

MSA members have access to all Medicare-participating and accepting providers.

For 2024 & Beyond

Coverage begins January 1, 2024

Sign your group up now. Your beneficiaries will be able to sign up in the fall.

Financial Program

Manage, pay and save

Special program extends payments owed for plan-covered costs under the deductible.

Launching in 2024

Plan Designs for Any Beneficiary

What plan are you?

Unsure how to evaluate our plans? Consider the following:

  • What kind of health care services have you used in recent years (e.g., professional, outpatient, inpatient, emergent, prescription drug, etc.)?

  • How much did you pay toward those services? How much did insurance pay?

  • What kind of health care services do you anticipate needing in upcoming years?

  • What assets do you have to cover the difference between the deductible and deposit?

Make It Your Own

More Ways to Customize Our MSA